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Arnold For Maya – Lights 3

Area Light


Maya Area Light

Leave as the default Intensity and Exposure value.


Turn off Normalize.


Scale the area light. Adjust the light effects by scaling the size.


Area Light from Arnold parameter



 Arnold Area Light

As a default setting it renders very dim because of the quadratic fall off.

Turn off Normalize. This works exactly like maya area light. But it has an additional option. That is light shape. It can be changed to cylinder, disk or quad.


Mesh Light


The last Arnold area light is mesh light. We are able to use any mesh within our scene as a source.

Create a geometry and go to the Arnold menu and select mesh light. ( your geometry must be selected when you select the mesh light.)

It will create an area light with the same shape of your geometry. You must keep your original geometry in order to use your area light.

Turn off Normalize and visuality off as you wish.


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